A Principal’s Reflections

Imparting Value When It Comes to Change I remember vividly as a young principal when I started to drink the “edtech” Kool-Aid many years ago. 카지노사이트 It represented a true turning point in how I thought about change in education. Up until this point, my thinking was relatively traditional and as such, so was the … Read more

The Benefits of Flexible Learning

THE BENEFITS OF FLEXIBLE LEARNING Flexible models of delivery are learner-centered. Students are empowered and have greater control over their learning as they work at their own pace. 카지노사이트 They can attend virtual classes facilitated by competent, trained, experienced and caring faculty and can have access to learning resources that are stored in the learning … Read more

Why Adaptable Learning Conditions?

Last year, the SAS center school worked with Handling Nair Worldwide, an instructive engineering firm, to redesign our 6th grade A-side group space to establish a more adaptable learning climate. This late spring we are setting out on two additional remodels, to 6B and 6C, to give our understudies in general and workforce in 6th … Read more